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Yusuke Hida
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Auroras glow above Jupiter and moon, 1981
Ron Miller
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original photo by Nicolas de Camaret
edit by end-colors
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worth a shot 
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Traumatic cataract with an iridodialysis (separation of the iris from it’s attachment to the ciliary body) from a blunt injury during childhood.
Photo credit: Cindy Montague, CRA
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Disappointing Popsicle Jokes
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It is truly a strange thing when a steam pipe bursts under an abandoned building in the dead of winter, but that’s exactly what happened under the Clinic Building at Greystone Park State Hospital in 2007, a month before the building was unceremoniously knocked down.  The steam congregated near the ceiling of the abandoned asylum infirmary, condensing on the pipes and dripping down in regular patterns - and creating these ice stalagmites.  An hour after taking this photograph, demolition workers came into the building and chased us through the tunnels; we had to hide in an attic in 0 degree weather for hours while cops searched for us.  The next time I drove out there, there was no trace that a building had ever stood in this spot.

that’s so silent hill.
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Idk bored, reading kuroshitsuji, looking at bjdolls too much..
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